Library Building / Depot

Old Depot is Now Our Kimberly Library

The Railroad Depot was built in 1906 on the north side of the tracks. It was moved later to the south side of the tracks. Rupert Morrill helped with the construction of the depot. The City bought the depot for $7400 to use as a meeting place for City Council and for a City Library. The colored picture was taken right after the move. As you can see, there was much work to be done to remodel it. In March of 1999 it was decided by the City Council that the library needed refurbishing. It was closed for one month while volunteers and City Maintenance workers painted. Richard Luff repaired and painted all the shelving.

With white walls, light blue carpeting, and burgundy valances, the library is truly a welcome place to sit, select, and read a book, or work on the computer.