Animal Control - 

Kimberly Ordinances restrict the number of dogs per resident to 2, & the number of chickens per resident to 6, with a City approved site plan for the chicken containment area per resident.  

The City of Kimberly's CSO, Animal Control Personnel are responsible for enforcing local ordinances regulating animal ownership and responding to incidents involving animals.

Dog Licenses are due by February 28th. Please come by city hall and obtain your dog license. Proof of document rabies vaccination will be required at the time of registration. Only two dogs per household. After February 28th the prices will double and a fine of $100.00 per offense may be imposed.

Livestock permits are to be re-issued annually on or before February 1st, of each year.  Livestock permits are required prior to bringing livestock into the Kimberly City limits for such livestock but not limited to: rabbits, sheep, horses, chickens, pheasants, and goats.  Swine, pigs, and pot belly pigs are prohibited in the Kimberly City limits.    

Calls regarding dogs and livestock after 5:00 p.m. and before 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, shall be made to the Kimberly Police Department dispatch center at 208-735-1911.

Dog license fees: Spayed/Neutered $5.00 each 

Not Spayed/Neutered $10.00 each

Livestock permits: Horse, Cow, Sheep, Goat & Rabbit = $5.00 each.  Fowl, Chickens, Turkeys, Duck and Pheasant = $1.00 each.