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The Carey Act of 1901 is credited with commencing the development of more than a million acres of arid land which eventually became the "Magic Valley." This act, and the encouragement of I.B. Perrine, caused Peter L. Kimberly, Frank H. Buhl, and Colonel Stanley Milner to form the Twin Falls Land and Water Company. In 1904 the company opened a land and irrigation project known as the Twin Falls Tract. Irrigation water soon became available form the Milner Dam Reservoir. Development of the land followed the construction of irrigation canals.

Shortly after the irrigation tract was developed in 1905, Peter Kimberly died. His partner James McMillan took control of the Twin Falls Land and Water Company and the Twin Falls Tract. History records James McMillan as Kimberly's Founding Father. Mr. McMillan saw to it that the town quickly progressed. He personally supervised many of the activities involved in assuring Kimberly's growth. Passenger trains soon began running regular service to the area, bringing needed commerce to build the City of Kimberly.

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