Utility Billing Services

Kimberly Utilities

The Kimberly Utilities include but are not limited to: water (potable and pressurized irrigation), sewer, and sanitation, late charges, connect and reconnect fees.

Utility Billing Application

All new residential, commercial and industrial property owners that have purchased a property, receiving city water or sewer services are required to fill out the Utility Billing Application (PDF). A deposit of $200.00 is required before services can be connected or turned on. All properties connected to city services shall be billed the applicable monthly bond payment, for water or sewer, even if the property is vacant, abandoned or can not be occupied. Properties receiving city services that have been turned off due to an owners request or non-payment shall be assessed a monthly administration fee. All outstanding / past due charges shall be paid in full prior to the new residential, commercial or industrial property owner receiving city services.

Refund Deposit Application

If a customer's account is current for a period of one fiscal year the deposit will be refunded upon the request of the deposit payer. If the account is delinquent (not paid by the 10th) any time during the first year, the deposit may not be refunded (Ordinance # 347). If you would like to apply, please submit this Refund Deposit Application (PDF) to City Hall.