School Resource Officer

About the School Resource Officer

The Police Department has a School Resource Officer (SRO) that serves the Kimberly Public Schools. This is possible by a contract between the School District and the City. This officer is assigned to school campuses during the school year and patrol shifts during the summer months. The SRO is rotated among the Patrol Officers.

The SRO works closely with administration, staff, students, and parents to handle a variety of issues that arise on school campuses.

The SRO is responsible for:

  • Patrolling school campuses
  • Investigating criminal activity
  • Managing traffic accidents
  • Implementing other programs within the schools as necessary

I am Officer Shane Braack-Saufley and the new SRO for the Kimberly School District. In this new assignment I will be focusing on fostering healthy relationships of trust with children, parents, school teachers and administrators. I will maintain and enhance the safety and security of the Kimberly schools. During my time as the SRO I will teach the children a wide range of topics which include bullying, cyber bullying, internet safety, constitutional and Idaho law, and the dangers of underage drinking and tobacco use. I am excited about this new challenge and look forward to serving the community of Kimberly.

SRO Monthly Report (PDF)