General Board Information

Community Involvement

Kimberly welcomes and accommodates the needs of citizens with the spirit of volunteerism where neighbors work together for the common good to build a strong and vibrant community. Kimberly City's citizens are committed to community involvement and volunteerism and contribute their time and talents to make Kimberly a better place in which to live and work.

Appointments are made throughout the year and up-to-date membership rosters including new appointments, vacancies,and meeting calendar, are published routinely to the website.

If you are interested in being on a board or volunteering for a committee please contact the Mayor at 423-4151 Ext. 14 or via email.

To find out more, view the Boards and Commissions.

Contact Us

Contact the Mayor or the City Clerk's Office for additional information at (208) 423-4151.

Duties and Responsibilities

Boards and commissions members:

  • Provide a valuable link to the community and to the various interests that make up the community
  • Assist in the development of policy recommendations to the City Council
  • Provide leadership and support to City staff
  • Promote the City and its programs
  • Provide expertise in specialized areas